Effective B2B Sales Coaching

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Elevate Your Sales Game with Our Battle-Tested Strategies! 🔥

Are you ready to unleash your full sales potential? Say goodbye to ordinary approaches and hello to extraordinary results with our proven strategies. Whether you're a startup founder aiming for that crucial first $10K in turnover or a seasoned sales professional looking to level up, we have the roadmap to guide you every step of the way.

Drawing from 17 years of hands-on experience, we've optimized sales processes for startup unicorns and top performers worldwide. Now, we're sharing these secrets with you, empowering you to not only hit your sales targets but exceed them.

Our exclusive program is tailor-made for startup owners and salespeople alike, providing essential tools, systems, and strategies to kickstart your journey towards sales excellence. From mastering cold calling to creating irresistible offers, we cover it all.

But why settle for mediocrity when you can dominate your market? In today's competitive landscape, proactive action is key to success. Companies and sales teams on the offense, those who actively seek growth and expansion, are the ones who thrive.

Our coaching program isn't just about learning; it's about taking action. We'll equip you with the skills and mindset needed to crush your sales goals, whether you're a startup founder or a sales professional looking to advance your career.

And with our money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you're not 100% satisfied within 15 days, we'll refund your investment, no questions asked.

Ready to take your sales game to the next level? Join us on the journey to sales excellence.

Program for Startups and Sales employees.

We accompany you for a whole month (minimum) so that you can turn yourself or your company into a selling machine.

These are the most common problems in commercial and sales departments nowadays:

  • Little or no sales tracking.
  • Lack of correct and reliable information.
  • Loss of business opportunities
  • Poor ability to qualify customers
  • No projections or forecasts are made on data
  • Lead capture fails
  • Customer segmentation is not clear or effective
  • Ineffective communication between sales team members
  • … and many more.

How do we solve it?

Through our sales methodology, you or your sales managers will be able to apply in your company all the knowledge that the largest multinationals and Startups worldwide use to achieve their business development and sales objectives.

You will take yourself or your sales team to the next level, turning into selling machines.

A paradigm shift that will take your company to the place it deserves.

What will you or your sales department learn?

  1. Apply a badass attitude to face sales in their daily business operations.
  2. How to overcome the main challenges during sales negotiations.
  3. How to adopt an experimental mindset.
  4. How to master cold calling.
  5. How to define sales funnels to gain scalability.
  6. How to create a sales playbook to replicate success cases.
  7. How to create an irresistible offer.
  8. And much more…

Coaching for Sales Managers, Account Executives and Sales Development Representatives.


  1. Attitude
  2. The power of NO
  3. Experimental mentality
  4. CRMs: become a sales machine
  5. Sales team structure
  6. Mastering Cold Calling
  7. Sales cycles
  8. Sales funnels
  9. Sales playbook
  10. Creating the irresistible offer
  11. Workshop / Leadership / Fundraising (to choose one of them)

¿What The Open Incubator is?

We  have been there. One day, we were  where you are right now.

We  faced imposter syndrome, lack of sales, lack of resources and lack of knowledge in the business development  journey.

At that point, some people helped us to face and overcome the different challenges and situations from which we learned, grew and achieved success. 

Now it's our turn to give it back to the community. 

¿Who is behind?

Hi! My name is Carlos Iborra.

I am an entrepreneur at heart, with a special love for creating new companies from scratch and propelling them to greatness.

With more than 17 years of global experience in multinationals and startups of my own and others, I have become a high-performance sales executive who thrives on innovation and results.

My mission is to give back to the entrepreneurial community and professional colleagues everything I learned during my professional experiences.

Carlos story.

- Founded several startups, taking them from the idea to the monetization phase.

- Top Sales performer in a Startup Unicorn (2023). Based in South Korea.

- $100 M+ in sales.

- I led teams of more than 40 people in large multinationals, guiding them to joint success.

- I helped dozens of startups to optimize their sales processes increasing them by 100% in some cases.

- I help dozens of entrepreneurs every year to achieve the monetization phase of their idea. Collaboration with NGOs.

- Selected as Top 10 Food-Tech Startups in the world in 2017, by Startupbootcamp.

- Selected as Top 50 Spanish entrepreneurs in 2018, by “Entrepreneurs”.

- Author of the Book published in 2023: “The Lean PoC System

You’re also covered by our…

Refund policy.

Money-Back Guarantee 🧧

If you are not 100% satisfied, you can claim a refund within 15 days 

The reason is simple - this program should be an investment for you, not an expense. I don't want to keep your money if this doesn't give you value.

I have literally no doubt that this program will be the best bang-for-your-buck investment you make for your sales growth.

But I appreciate the internet’s like the wild west and there’re a lot of crooks out there who overcharge and underdeliver.

I want you to feel secure in your investment.

So if for any reason you decide the B2B Sales Coaching isn't right for you, just drop me an email within 15 days and I'll refund you the cost. No questions asked.

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Effective B2B Sales Coaching

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I want this!